Life Economy of Democracy and Communism

Korea is divided into two countries. The South Korea (Democratic Country) and North Korea (Communist Country). They have a big difference when it comes to managing their resources. First, the South Korea which is controlled by wealthy family or clan, and engaged into a corporate or multi-industry company. It is a state governed by democracy. This country is a good example of rags to riches, a poor country to being fully developed with high income. South Korea is one of the top largest economies and ranked fourth in Asia, while in the entire world it is ranked eleventh. Their gross which causes trillions of dollars. On the other hand, the North Korea is a centralize or isolated country. Meaning, it is publicly owned by the society not individually. Their GDP or Gross Domestic Production is around 40 billion dollars which are too far from the South Korea. While the democratic country (South Korea) is ranked 11th, North Korea is ranked 96th in the entire world for their wealth and resources. This democratic country is now at the pick of their success. However, the communist country is not giving up and continuously improving to reach their goals.
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